1. We are available 7 days a week

    We are available 7 days a week 24 hours a day and we offer professional dog walking all day dog care, training and boarding
  2. Friendly dependable family run service

    We offer an individual service that meets the needs of your busy life, leaving you guilt free knowing your dog is being well cared for in a loving caring environment.
  3. Exercise and stimulation

    Your dog is guarnteed to return home safe, happy and tired with fun filled stimulated days
  4. Dog Boarding

    We also offer over nights be it due to work family or special occasion or a holiday. You are guaranteed that your dog will be in a loving caring environment.
  5. Title

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  • We have many years experience  More and more of us go out to work every day, but thankfully we realise that ‘home alone is no life for a dog’. At Paws2go we ensure that your dog has a fun time when you are unable to be at home.
  • If you are working all day – or just going out for the day – Paws2go can provide care, attention and a generally great tail-wagging time in your absence! Most owners love walking their dogs but sometimes time constraints during the working week means your dog doesn’t get the exercise or company they need to keep them happy and content. With  more and more people owning dogs it is so important to have a well socialised dog that you can take everywhere with you.  We actively encourage people to send their dogs along purely for the socialisation we provide, as well as the exercise and fun they get as a matter of course.  It is the combination of exercise, fun and socialisation which produces a happy well adjusted dog to live with.  If you have a puppy send it along to socialise even if only for a few weeks,  we take extra care to monitor puppies exercise according to their age and size.   We take the dogs out for a great time letting them just be dogs and have fun with other dogs whilst having loads of exercise but under control at the same time.
  • Most importantly you’ll know your dog is in safe hands and isn’t bored all day, moping around whilst they are missing you. Our many years experience have shown us that giving your dog a routine, exercise and  fun is a great way of keeping them occupied and ultimately happy until you return home.  
    We treat every dog as if it is our own – and we treat every owner as if they love their four-legged furry friend as much as we love ours.


  1. "Great Service"
    Im so glad i use Paws2go as this has changed my relationship with my dog! Rather than coming home to a dog that is stressed, lonely and desperate for the toilet . i come home to a happy, tired, toileted dog who has learned lots of fun games and is totally socialised! I can now relax with my dog knowing that he has been well cared for all day and now instead of us being frustrated on my return we can now have time to do what we want even if it is to snooze on the sofa......!!
    Jennifer Fields Midlothian
  2. "Peace of mind
    Paws2go have been invaluable in looking after and more importantly, tiring out our dogs Hexx has been going to Daycare for 3 years now and absolutely loves it. Being a rescue dog, he can be anxious if left on his own too long, so Paws2go have been a god-send. Hexx knows the sound of ...the van coming down the road to pick him up and gets so excited to be going out to play. Simba is only 18 months old but has been going along with Hexx, from as soon as he was old enough, which was great for his socialisation skills. Paws2go provide an excellent, competitively priced service and provide the peace of mind that the boys are being very well looked after.
    Sam Francis
  3. "Good Price"
    Anna Atkins
  4. "Great Service"
    Liam Peters